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Is there any plans to return the feature to use like we could in the past and how our other hosting providers provide?

I just find it odd that the two other hosting providers we use don’t seem to have this limitation. Both of them provide secure IMAP email hosting as well.

I see the statement being made here: (

Although it is not lining up with how other providers are providing their secure IMAP email services? Is this a DreamHost mail server configuration/vendor limitation?

In the past, it was possible to use to connect (where is your actual domain name). Due to how modern mail clients handle security, this is now NOT recommended as it may cause connection errors. Please ensure you are only using your email cluster servername (shown below) when connecting.

Another question, is it possible to change the look and feel of the Webmail login page? Can we create our own sign in form to match the appearance of our site’s branding? If so, is there any API or POST data needs to implement this? If not, can the feature of changing the logo like the old webmail as the Webmail section under Mail menu of the panel still has as an option?

Thanks for your time!


As far as I am aware, the only current way to accomplish either of these is to install and host your own webmail interface.

I just put Roundcube on mine, for my own personal email (and the practice of installing and configuring stuff) as I wasn’t getting along with AtMail.

  • It’s themable.
  • You can put in your own logo.
  • Like any self-hosted site, you can give it its own subdomain and matching SSL certificate

There are other alternatives, too. I just chose Roundcube as DH used to offer it as an alternative to their previous interface, and I really found it suited how I wanted to use webmail.
And self-hosting it gives those customisation options.

Thanks for the reply about the webmail question! I checked out the DreamHost help doc for alts to atmail. Looks like a path I might take for webmail. I remember when DreamHost had Roundcube, used it for a bit. Although I really liked the simple interface of Squirelmail… :slight_smile:

How about hostnames for mail clients? This wouldn’t answer the question for how to use in the IMAP setting instead of -or- whatever mail server I am using for mail clients like Outlook, would it?

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