Email headaches

Hello all! We just moved our sites and email to Dreamhost last Sunday. Since then, we have had a myraid of headaches. At least 2 days now, email has not functioned correctly for several accounts, I’ve done live chat and they “ran some configurations” and the mailbox works again. The accounts don’t work in Webmail (AtMail) or client. The curious issue is that the email address and PW are correct, as I get an invalid password or username error if that’s the case. If there is some other issue with email, I get : Error: Failed logging in with

After support does the “configuration”; all works. Any ideas, anyone else have this happen? We have a VPS and nothing is maxed out or even close. Thanks

DH email can be… Problematic.

However, one thing I’ve found out after multiple chats on the topic is that new accounts or changes to passwords can sometimes take up to 2 hours to begin working. When you talk to chat, they are probably doing whatever the delayed script would be doing.

The on-screen notice you get will tell you “up to 15 minutes” but it would seem that isn’t accurate anymore.

If you’ve done either of those actions, give it a few hours before attempting to login.

Thanks - I did a callback finally and they were very receptive and seem to want to fix what’s up so that is positive. Thanks!

Who/how do you contact for help? I can’t even get to the atmail login screen via ISP with 6 different browsers. I can access the login page via 4G but I can’t actually do much on the little phone screen.

Hi Art005,

If you need help with an issue you can file a ticket from your DreamHost panel by going to ‘Support’ >‘Contact Support’. You will have the option to open a ticket, chat with a tech, or submit a call back request.