Email headache - what am I doing wrong? Ahh! Help please

Hello everyone,

I am after some help please.

I have set up an email on the dreamhost website, confirmation here:

Here’s my settings in Windows Live Mail:

Here’s the error message:

Can any one tell me why this isn’t working?

I would be glad to help you with this Tony! I noticed that your DNS is not pointing to our service. That could be a reason that it is not working tied to the setup through our wiki. Please check your DNS records for mail to be able to get your mail service working as expected:

If you take a look, WordPress is hosting your DNS.

Your mail service is not tied to us:

I see no MX records, and I do not see any IPs or mail records that point to us. I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to contact us using your Contact Support page here:

Or by contacting us by chat again :slight_smile:

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your reply.

Can I not set up the email tony AT with wordpress hosting my DNS?

If I can do so, what is the settings I need to use?

Or do I have to have dreamhost hosting my DNS in order for email to work?


Hi Tony - You just need a hosting plan with the domain on it. The domain doesn’t have to use our nameservers, but you do need to point the MX records to the correct ones set on our end, as well as the “mail” / “webmail” A records. If your domain is set up for hosting, you can find those records at Manage Domains > > DNS.

Thanks for the replies.

I think I should have pointed out I am a novice, barely capable at setting up emails.

I may have built a website on Wordpress but it was a struggle.

So if it’s possible, I need a bit of hand-holding and a dummy-guide/how to…

I am still lost and half afraid to make changes in case I muck up my website…

Does any one fancy helping me please?

How do I get my DNS to point at your service, please can you give me a step by step guide and explain everything carefully, I am far from an expert with IT…