Email handling and perl

So I’ve put a bit more thought, though I haven’t really done anything yet, to the perl script I intend to write that’ll let me do some mysql updates through email.

However, more than one person will be using it. The script needs to read the email from stdin, parse the subject for appropriate information, make some modifications to the db, then forwardt he email and attatchments to another address.

I want to include a name and pw in the email subject just to make sure some people dont make changes they aren’t allowed to.

Email is pretty insecure though, and tossing the l/p in the subject doesn’t seem like a very smart idea.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Email is inherently insecure so you have to be very careful with how you handle the incoming data. Requiring a PGP or GPG type signature may be a good way to go, but it may be complicated to implement well.

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