Email Glitch?

Hello Friends,

I have been struggling with an email configuration problem for days and have tried everything I know to try. Hopefully someone has been down this road and can help me. I have two late model desktops and both are running XP with lots of memory. I have been on dial up for years and my network was working fine. I recently switched to Wildblue satellite internet service and have been reconfiguring all my email accounts. I have 5 users on each computer (my wife and kids). I installed a new Linksys WRT54G v5 router. It is a wireless/wired combo. My email is serviced by Dreamhost via my mail address at Here is my dilemma:

Out of 10 email accounts, I have successfully configured 9 of them. They all use on the incoming and outgoing servers. They all connect to the internet and work fine. However on one computer I cannot seem to get my mail server to accept my user name or password. It is like it is jinxed or something. I have messed with this for days and have tried everything I can think of. Here is some additional info.

  1. My network works fine, as far as both computers accessing the internet, but the computers don’t share files because I have not figured out my problems on that yet. However, if that was the problem then why would 9 out of 10 email accounts work fine?

  2. My mail program is Thunderbird. However Outlook has the same problem. Which is logging on to

  3. On my problem computer, I am the only administrator and it is my account that will not configure. However on my other computer, It works fine and I and my wife are administrators.

4 I even changed my password at dreamhost but that did not work. I have tried using three different keyboards.

5 I have deleted the email account in control panel and Thunderbird a kagillion times and re-did it, but no tango.

6 I have watched out for my caps lock light like a fox watches the hen house. I have entered in my password one finger at a time and counted to ten between each entry.

7 I have used the default port numbers 110 and 25 and I have used dreamhost numbers 143 and 587. Still no dance.

  1. My methodology has been to go to control panel and set up the email account and then hit the test button. When I get all 5 green checks, I rejoice and then go set it up in Thunderbird and check it out by sending and receiving emails to somebody outside of my domain.

  2. I have rebooted computers, router and modem till their callouses are bleeding through their little rubber feet.

  3. I have tried maybe one curse word, here and there, but I have yet to generously apply a full barrage of linguistical offensive effort. But that may be coming soon!

Conceptually, I have boiled it down to this:

1 My Dreamhost mail server is ultimately not happy with, one out of ten, user names/passwords. Is it that Dreamhost is pissed at this user access and not letting it in?

2 Control Panel (Windows XP) is somehow not clearly sending my correctly typed user name and password.

  1. There is something in my XP user account that is keeping my mail setup from clearly communicating the password and user name.

  2. There is a curse on this user account, 3 keyboards, me or anything else I can blame it on.

  3. My router or modem is laughing silently because they are messing with me just a little bitty bit but not enough for me to know they are the REAL culprit.

So…ooo somebody… pla…ease tell me I am an idiot and that all I need to do is put a checkmark in a certain little thingie checkbox and everything should work fine.

Sorry for this wordy post but how else could I have described this mess?

Rex Bernard

can you log into webmail on the offending account? If you can log in, then the issue is on the end of your computer. If you can’t log in, something is borked with the E-mail address and you should contact support.

–Matttail - personal website

Try logging into the webmail first.

You will be prompted one or two times with a security warning about the certificate. Choose to continue.

Type in the email address and password here and click on ‘Login’. If you can’t login, contact support.

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