Email forwards are not working when sent from GMAIL

At some point this week, email sent from GMAIL accounts to dreamhost forwarded email accounts quit working. In other words, if I send an email from any random gmail account I have to any dreamhost forwarded account, the email never gets delivered.

Mail from a yahoo account gets delivered.
Mail from hotmail account gets delivered.
Mail from my company’s email system via outlook gets delivered.

But mail from any gmail account doesn’t get delivered and the mail never bounces back.

Anyone else experienced this? (I have a support ticket in but after over an hour on two support chats, they’ve not been able to fix)

I tested and experienced it as well, any updates from them?

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Maybe fixed now? I just tried (GMail->DH->iCloud), and it worked.

No apparently. Sent two emails from two different gmail accounts to one of my domain forwards. After 15 minutes neither have been delivered. As I said in a reply this morning, some emails are taking over 24 hours to deliver. Some are not being delivered at all. No bouncebacks.

No answers from Dreamhost. Emails still taking 24 hours to be delivered - IF they even get delivered.

GMAIL is giving a Dreamhost IP address a ‘soft fail’

An SPF fail or soft-fail is to be expected on all forwarded mail. However, the message should pass DMARC (because DKIM passes) and ARC (because DH/MailChannel ARC-sign). Here’s the Auth header I see for a forwarded message (GWorkspace->DH->Gmail), note how DKIM, DMARC and ARC all pass:

       dkim=pass header.s=google header.b=Bi1Ex7nk;
       arc=pass (i=1);
       spf=fail ( domain of does not designate as permitted sender);
       dmarc=pass (p=REJECT sp=REJECT dis=NONE)

Emails still taking 24 hours to be delivered - IF they even get delivered.

Yes. Sent 3 emails yesterday (Gmail > DH > other Gmail), one of them went through today. Still waiting for the other two.

Tested to send from a web contact form yesterday and it worked normally. Received in the forward target (which is a Gmail) instantly.

From the one that went through:

Created at: Sun, Aug 14, 2022 at 8:57 PM (Delivered after 43561 seconds)
From: *>
To: azza@*.org
Subject: test
SPF: SOFTFAIL with IP Learn more
DKIM: ‘PASS’ with domain Learn more
DMARC: ‘PASS’ Learn more

@Joey_Quest is your forward target a Gmail?

Ah, I’m seeing the issue now. The source and target must be Gmail (i.e. Gmail > DH > Gmail), which results in multi-hour delays. Other targets work fine. From the Received: headers, the delay is in the hop from DH to Gmail.

Maybe Gmail is throttling forwarded Gmail messages from DH, due to a burst of spam or something?