Email forwarding

Anybody else having issues with email not forwarding? I assume it was set up correctly, since I did (previously) get email from a contact form.

Now, however, I can log in and see the message (plus attached files) in the webmail area, and I can even forward messages FROM the webmail to the addresses I want it sent.

BUT, this is not automatic. I didn’t used to have to log in to web mail (at all).

How was it forwarded before? Filter? or as an “Also forwards to?” There are multiple ways to configure such a forward, those are likely the two most common. Did you check whatever panel or email setting created the forward? is it still there? has any of the text be garbled somehow?

Have you checked spam instead of your inbox?

No filters (at all)
Not ‘also forward’ (only one address entered)
No garbled

Not going to spam – just not going at all. When I go into squirrel mail and forward, it DOES go to the INBOX of the account (not spam).