Email Forwarding

How do I set up email forwarding with a domain registered through an external registrar?
Before, I would just log in to the registrar’s CP and use their email forwarding setup, but that only works if I’m pointing to their nameservers. Something I can’t do if I want to host my site here.
I tried doing Create a New Email Address then going down to Forward-Only Email and inputting all the info there. Either it’s not working, or it’s taking FOREVER.
Did I do something wrong?

Edit: I just found out that I’m also getting Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender replies when I send to the address.

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If i’m not wrong… If the domain is registered elsewhere and you want to use email server in DH, you need to add a MX record. check DH panel --> Mail --> Custom MX

You may want to refer to this article for more info

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If I’m reading this correctly, your domain is registered elsewhere, but you have the dreamhost nameservers set up as your name servers. Thus you can’t use ther other location for your mail forwarding.

This is how I’m setup, and I have no problems with mail forwarding. How does your new address show in the panel? Does it show as a forward only email address, or as a regular address that also forwards? In my experience, the forward address take effect pretty much immediately. The regular email accounts do take quite a while. Is there a little clock symbol next to the email address on the panel? If so, it is still being set-up.

Now, you said you are getting an Undelivered mail returned. Is that mail for the fowarding address, or for the final destination address? What are the details of that email? There is usually a reason specified in those failure emails.

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Yes, my domain is registered somewhere else, but Dreamhost is set up as my nameservers. And no, I can’t use the registrar for forwarding.

In the panel, it shows up under “Forwarding-Only Addresses - edit all.” It shows the email I want to forward, then to the right it shows where to forward it to.

When I send email to my forwarded email address, it bounces back to the sender.

Wait a second… I think it’s working. I wonder why now…
Maybe cause I waited so long…

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.
-Willy Wonka-