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I’m having a hard time with email forwarding-- I have a domain that was purchased from NameSecure which is redirected to my space here at Dreamhost. NameSecure has some sort of “email forwarding” which, when it is turned on, will forward all of the mail sent to the domain name (i.e. @domain) to one email address. Obviously, one person getting a bunch of mail for the whole company is not a good solution.

If I turn this bogus service off, the emails just bounce back. I have set up emails for this domain at Dreamhost, but the Internet (hee hee) just ignores them.

I know it’s that I am misunderstanding something, maybe I have my domain redirected incorrectly… I’m just not sure.

Can anyone help? I searched the kbase but I’m unsure of how to describe my problem.

Thanks - jeannettea

You probably want to tell namesecure to use dreamhosts DNS servers (assuming you host your web site at dreamhost as well as email), and that should work. Otherwise you will need to do some MX (dns mail record) magic.


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Do you have, or don’t you want, your DNS pointed to your DreamHost site? Then NameSecure wouldn’t have to “redirect” anything.


Oh my gosh. Thank you for saying that.

I think I just have “IP forwarding” set up with Namesecure, because I just checked their DNS setup at it still says NameSecure.

What a dumba$$.

Thanks for your reply!

You and chell are geniuses. I am a dork. See my reply to chell.