Email forwarding to old host

I’ve looked so I didn’t have to bother anyone, but perhaps I’m just over tired.

I just transferred a domain from GoDaddy, and in trying to setup my email - which is the same email I used while with GoDaddy, and the same email I’ve had for the last 5 years - it is set up, and in theory ready to use. But when I login through SquirrelMail I am transferred back to the GoDaddy hosting email login (which of course is no invalid).

I figured it would eventually go away, but it’s been about 6 hours and no change. I suspect I might be missing a step.

Are nameservers for the domain set to,, ?

you are correct things take time to change when you make DNS changes. You say you “transferred” the domain, but that can mean more than one thing.

For better real time advice let us have the domain name if you can.

Thanks LakeRat. I’ll admit I’m derp when it comes to this part of the web.

I had my domain registered and hosted by GoDaddy.
They made me angry. So I registered my second domain and hosted it with Dreamhost. I then transferred the first domain - registry (it was nearly expired) and hosting - to Dreamhost as well.

I really wasn’t sure how long it would take for the universe to line up, and if I’m jumping the gun then I’ll just hold onto my shorts.

Annnndddd… nameservers. I have no idea. (See? Derp.) I’ll go see if I can figure that out. Heh.

The domain I transferred over is


Checking here: I see that dreamhost is the listed registrar and nameservers are currently set to dreamhost.

Looking here: It looks like it’s been long enough since you made DNS changes that those changes have made it around the world and the IP reported is in fact dreamhost.

Checking there doesn’t appear to be a DNS record. Normally this would mean that you haven’t yet added email to the domain in dreamhost panel. If you have and it’s been 12 hours since, you might go to the panels manage domains page, click the DNS link under the domain in question and on the next page click GO! to refresh the DNS for that domain.

FWIW, many assume that to “move” a domain between A and B, the transfer process would be the first step. and that does change who the registrar is, but it usually does not change where the domain is pointing, which is what the nameserver setting does. In reality, I think it’s better to change the nameservers first, then change the domains registrar. (or not-- many believe its wisest to separate hosting and registrar services–but that’s a different discussion.)

THAT WORKED! (Yay!) Thank you! I had found the nameserver info last night but fell asleep (I had mentioned tired, right? LOL). (But hm. Look. SPAM YAY my favorite thing ever! … oh well.)

This was the first time I’ve transferred domains, and yep - I’m one of those many!! Went into it blind but it seems to have worked out alright. Now just have to get the hang of this WordPress thing!

Thanks so much for your help!

Go into your Control Panel and make sure that Private Registration is turned back on for the domains that you transferred. There appears to be a glitch in that it doesn’t turn back on even though you ask for it to be. Once I did this, my SPAM intake dropped significantly.

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