Email Forwarding Question


I have "" set to forward emails to 4 other email addresses, but it does not seem to be forwarding to the last one in the list, and I don’t know why.

Is there a limit to the number of addresses one can forward to?

Thanks for your help.


There may be a limit (I am not sure) but I don’t think it would be as low as “4” even if there is one.

Are you sure that last address is not just blocking the email as spam?



There’s not a limit. I have some forwarders to “staff” that go to MANY more than just 4.



Check that there’s no typos then, as rl suggested, look in the spam folder (or maybe even a ‘pending’ folder) on that last account. After you’ve double-checked those things and you still believe it’s a “last line” glitch, add one more address to the end of your redirection list pointing to another mail account (gmail, hotmail, w/e) and try it out.

If you find the problem, please let us know for future reference.