Email forwarding problems?

All of the mailboxes hosted at my domain are forwarded to another address (e.g., For the last month, or so, it seems that many are not delivered and I’m trying to track down why. I have no reason to suspect the mail server at the final destination nor the sending server.

Anyone experience lost email being forwarded through DH?


That’ll probably be because of this: [b][b]

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Simon, thanks.

I do not forward ‘catch-all’ to anything because, as the tech note says, it is all spam. And, since we are having problems this and last week, the change on June 7 didn’t help us.

The overzealous use of catch-all forwarding may have been the root cause for DH gaining a bad rep. But, the result remains: these companies have ~blacklisted DH so all/most/some forwarded mail (catchall or not) is rejected. The question is: how will DH get off the ‘bad boy’ list at AOL, Yahoo, etc.

On the short term, customers of Yahoo, etc. can switch to someone else. That’s not a problem for me but probably isn’t great for some.

Yahoo isn’t blacklisting everything from Dreamhost. I have mail forwarding there and it has worked for me just fine.

It’s up to the users to be responsible. For one, if you are forwarding email to yahoo, don’t mark it as spam, even if it is spam. Because it’s forwarded from Dreamhost and therefore Dreamhost gets the black eye. Use the Junk mail filter at dreamhost to remove spam before it goes to yahoo.

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Has there been any progress on email to AOL (and others)?

Any timeline or plans to address this?


Don’t know why, but email sent from my wife’s Outlook using to send email to my mailbox at DH and then forwarded to my yahoo mailbox doesn’t work. I can send email to my DH mailbox (which is then forwarded) from another account. She can send mail to anyone else including my kids with a mailbox hosted at DH that is forwarded to Yahoo. But, email from her to me doesn’t make it and hasn’t for weeks. Don’t get it. Perhaps it is a marital problem. :slight_smile:

I switched from Yahoo to gmail. It all works.

Go figure.

I have the same problems using my DH smtp server, sending through to yahoo, it never arrives.

Others like and go through just fine. As another user stated, it probably IS because yahoo is blacklisting DH smtp server(s).