Email forwarding problem

I’m having problems with email forwarding to email addresses.

Mail setup in the cpanel to go from (hosted on DH) to never gets there.

Likewise, email sent directly from Entourage to the DH-hosted email address never gets there. And, in both cases, no bounce-back.

Also can’t forward an email to an address from the webmail.

Anyone else having this problem?

Web Designer

Some mail servers “don’t like” other mail servers: They consider them sources of spam so they just shred or bounce anything that comes from them. Perhaps this is what’s going on in your case.

For example, much of the time AOL will not accept email forwarded from eNom mail servers because they’ve been identified by AOL as spamming servers. So far as I can recall, back when this was going on with me, AOL wasn’t bouncing the rejected messages either, at least not most of the time; they were simply “shredding” them…