Email forwarding not working


Hello all! I’m having a problem with email forwarding. I have setup a domain, and I am trying get 10 email addresses to fwd to different addresses for a Ceiva photo frame. For some reason the emails never get to the location. Not sure what I am doing wrong.


Depending upon how long ago you created the email addresses, and how long ago you set-up the forwards, it can take a “while” (I have had it take up to 24 hours, though usually much less) for it to start working.



I actually set these up over a week ago. Here’s the whole idea behind these. So we have 7 Ceiva photo frames in our family. They all come with long email addresses to send photos to. So to make it simple, I made a new domain called, and then make 7 new email addresses for eveyone (ie: So… will fwd to with photos attached to the email. But they photos never make it to the frame.
Make sense?


Yes, it makes perfect sense. I have no idea why they don’t seem to be working.

I suppose it is possible that the forwards are broken; it is also possible that the server is rejecting them.

Have you tried to set up a forward to a different host as a test? That might tell you if all the forwards are broken or if the problem is with the receiving server is rejecting them (or treating them as spam since they are “forwards” and from a shared mail server).



Yeah I think they have some sort of block on it. Sux. I really want to make this simple-er. I guess I’ll give them a call 2maro. I really don’t fully understand why they would be rejected from. Oh, I just did a test. I sent 3 photos to eveyone’s frame at the same time, to their real addresses. Never went threw. Then I sent the same 3 photos to one one frame at a time and they were delivered. Odd.

Thanks for your help!


It does sound like they may be rejecting them as potential “spam” somehow, or at least that what your test seems to indicate.

Hopefully they can shed some light on how to “work around” or “with” their system.

Good Luck with it, and I’d love to hear what you learn! :slight_smile:



Thanks again for your quick responses! I’ve been using dreamhosters for a year now, loving how simple stuff is. I am no programmer, more of the creative type, but having simple sites like this is great.