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Hi everyone,
Just want to pass along that my email forwarding has quit as of at least 6:30 am EST - it is now 3:30pm EST. I’ve sent copious messages to tech support via both their online form and email at - and nothing has been rectified. I’ve received no answer, no explanation, no goodbye or jump in a lake. Have noticed no posts here with anyone else having the same problem today (btw - I’m on “sack” for email forwarding which is the one that is currently down). I have several domain names hosted with Dreamhost, am an over 2 year client (back in the days where there was NO set up fee), and know what I’m doing.
If there is no other email list (ie YAHOO Groups), to better serve communication about Dreamhost and their problems, please look for one in the near future.

They’ve got 24 hours to respond, and they usually do. We’re having some email glitches too, but I’m just letting them work it out. Forrest spent time today communicating with the support team and it had something to do with autoresponders. We had the opposite problem. All mail was being duplicated. These guys are good and consciencious, but they’ve been going through a lot lately. Give them a couple of days. If they got your emails, they will respond. And they will get the gremlin fixed. (I’ve been with them since 1999, and they’ve never failed me yet.)

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I’m still having trouble sending through Outlook Express with the accounts I have set up for my websites. These worked fine until Dreamhost started playing with their systems. Now I am unable to send using my website addresses.

To top it off, I e-mailed Dreamhose regarding this problem ( and my e-mail was returned as undeliverable. I sent it from my personal e-mail account.

Anybody know what’s going on?

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Hi Sophronia,

A while back we were having some trouble with our support system, so that might be it (it should be fixed now though, I’d think). Are you still having trouble?

Did you try submitting your support request through the panel (

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