Email forwarding and MX Records


I’m just having some trouble with email forwarding… I’ve read another post that had similar problems but havn’t been able to figure out how to fix it yet.

I registered the domain name through MyDomain and have hosting with dreamhost.
I want to forward the email to which I’ve set up in MyDomain keeps bouncing so I looked at their help files and it says:
'create the MX RECORD, priority = 0, on their servers’
I’m assuming that’s by going into the Custom MX panel (under mail), clicking on edit, and putting 0 where it said 10

But that still didn’t work…
The email bounces and I’ve had two different messages
’Relay access denied’ - the one I’ve had most
’sorry, that address isn’t in my list of allowed recipients’ - I had once
What have I done wrong?

Thanks for any help

I’m going to hop onto this thread since it seems like the OP is trying to do the same thing I am.

My domain could be potentially be misspelled, so I registered the variant spelling as well, both via dreamhost.

My question is, how to configure the MX records so that emails to will be forwarded to

I suppose I could just setup dreamhost email addresses for and then set them to forward to the corresponding address at, but then I’d have to reconfigure it every time I added/changed an address.

Thanks for the help!

If you’re using DreamHost for email, go to the Mail: Custom MX section of the DreamHost Panel, click the “edit” button for the wrong domain, and set that domain to “mail mirror” the main domain. This will make every address that’s valid on the main domain also valid on the domain that’s mail-mirroring it, and make it deliver to the same mailbox.

If you’re using an external mail provider, you’ll probably have to set up a bunch of forwards… sorry. We can’t forward every address on the domain, since that would include a lot of junk mail to nonexistent addresses, and we don’t know which addresses need to be forwarded without you setting them up. You may want to check with that mail provider to see if they’ll let you add both domains to your account with them.

I ended up just manually setting up addresses in the Dreamhost CPanel (under Manage Email), but Google Apps does allow you to add domain aliases, so maybe I will look into that in the future. Thanks!