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we have been dreamhost customers for more than 8 years now and we have always been happy with the service, but lately many of our clients have been complaining about email mailbox and forwarding feature which was disabled couple of months back. this is the most requested feature for all and we are loosing clients because of this. would be great if this can be enabled again.


Make DH eMail usable again!

Dropping this functionality is going to cost DH customers, myself among them. If this isn’t “fixed” before my hosting account renews, then my hosting account will not renew.

yes. its a very basic feature which everyone wants.

Yes, now that gmail doesn’t allow use of for custom domains, users wanting to use gmail for their email need both forwarding, and the use of I’ve used dreamhost for 20+ years, and this is making me seriously consider moving to another host.

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This is a disappointing change. I’m surprised I haven’t been burned by it before. Considering what I spend on services from Dreamhost I’m not likely to consider adding a self-hosted or secondary email service provider without also moving my other hosting away from Dreamhost.

Please consider restoring the “Mailbox plus forwarding” service.

Dreamhost, please give us back the email forwarding feature.

Now that Google has forsaken all of us who originally signed up for Google apps via dreamhost, we need this to make ourselves whole again.

Another plea to get the email forwarding feature back. I’m going to have to migrate my and my client’s hosting accounts away from dreamhost unless this is fixed!

THIS - especially with Google forcing legacy (free) Googe Apps For Your Domain users to to migrate to the paid Workspace or give up their ability to use a custom domain with gmail.

I don’t really need a Fully Hosted email account; I need the ability to use the dreamhost SMTP server with a forwarding-only email account.

Is this service available elsewhere?

Fairly sure namecheap has smtp and email fowarding with their email service. I’m about to investigate moving all our stuff there today.

I think a better proposal would be this one:

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