Email Forwarding across domains - stopped working?


I’ve been running with a number of email addresses forwarded from one dreamhost hosted domain to another … this has been fine for years, but then stopped yesterday!

Is anyone else having any problems ?

Basically the email disappears into a black hole, so I was losing email completely with no delivery failure messages or anything. I’ve managed to salvage the situation by forwarding to a non-dreamhost address for now.

It’s a bit weird because the config goes…

x@domaina forwards to a.b@domainb forwards to real mailbox on domainb

If I email directly to anything on domainb it’s received ok, if I email to anything on domaina (or any other domain forwarded in the same way) then nothing!

I’ve added the extra forward to the non-dreamhost address at the second redirect point, so it does appear that the first redirect is ok, it’s only a problem when actually trying to deliver to the real mailbox.

Is there some new security setup??

(I have raised a ticket with support)