Email: Forwarding Account with Wildcard



I’m wondering if it’s possible to set up a forwarding email address which contains a wildcard. I’d like to use it for providing unique email addresses to various sites.

Right now, I’m using the “+” feature, with a forwarding account called “nospam” so I can give out addresses like "". This works, but there are two problems with it:

1-) It’s unwieldy to communicate this address to others, and many think they should delete the “nospam+” part of it.
2-) At least half of the sites I’ve encountered do not allow “+” as a valid email character.

Is it possible to use a forwarder with a wildcard instead? If it’s currently not possible, where can I make a feature suggestion? :smiley:



Nope. There is a “catch-all” address which consists entirely as a wildcard, But you can’t forward it because of the spam ramifications. :wink:

Here ya go:



There’s a recent thread on this:



Hehe, accidentally posted this in the other thread, but… thanks for the tip, and the URL for suggestions. There’s already a suggestion filed in there, called:

Allow “semi-catch-all” emails like “sales-*”.

Go search/vote for it!

Thanks again, all.