Email forwarders to multiple addresses?


We are trying to move our org’s site to DH from a host where we have multiple forwarding destinations set for some of our email addresses.

When I enter my list in the control panel for forwarders, all the duplicates are overwritten with the last entry.

e.g. we want to forward to both: and our

How can I make this happen? [hr]

Never mind … I found it: rather than adding the 2nd, 3rd etc entry, separately, what I had to do was edit the first and add the additional destinations on the same line. I use space separators, but suspect commas or semicolons would also work as delimiters, but I didn’t test.


Are you using bulk edit edit or creating them one at a time?

In Bulk edit you want it all on one line, to look like, 

If you are using the add single forwarding address option you fill out a form and that for indicate putting the receiving addresses “one per line”.

I just tried both methods using firefox and didn’t have a problem.


The single forwarding option seems to open a full-option email setup panel, which was not helpful; so I turned to the bulk forwarding editor.
I was initially adding the duplicates to the end of the list (which did not work).
What worked was adding the 2nd, 3rd, etc. destination addresses on the same line after each address-to-be-forwarded (space-delimited on the line).

PS- I also use FireFox, so browser choice not the issue.


When you click “Create new email” in the panel, the page that loads actually has 3 separate forms on it. You pick which of the 3 that you want and fill out that form and hit the button at the end of that section.

There are a number form pages in dreamhosts panel that have multiple forms on the page depending on what you want to do. The moral of the story, is when you click a form in the dreamhost panel that you are not familliar with always scroll down and review all the forms on the page.