Email forward question

I want to forward a few specific email addresses to uniquely, but want any and all others created to go to me. I have the few unique examples created, but is there a way to set this up with a control panel or a special character I’m missing? Something like: *

You can create a catch-all email address that will funnel all non-specified address to wherever you want.

Go to Mail > Addresses in your webpanel and “create a new email address”. In the top box, you can enter “catch-all” @yourdomain and it will catch all addresses not already set up. Dreamhost does advise against it because you could get a lot of spam.

I have this on several of my domains and if I start getting spam, I’ll go back to panel and make all email to that address gets deleted automatically.

Living up to your self-apointed title well! Thank you much!