Email Form not passing on forms for gmail or yahoo

This is a puzzler. We have an online “registration” form that forwards the request to our email to give us a heads up that there is a registration waiting.

We have found that it works fine unless the person requesting the registration has a or address. (in the field for their return email address).

The email that gets sent is in the form wordpress@oursite on behalf of oursite [their@emailaddress]

Given that even bogus emails addresses go through as expected, but anything that ends in or fails, I am thinking that this is something being blocked at Dreamhost vs at the plugin itself.


It sounds as though the script you’re using is using the user’s email address as the sender (“From” header) on the email. This is not appropriate, as that email address is not actually sending the message, and our mail servers are blocking some of these messages, because they look like you’re trying to send forged emails. (Not that you are, of course… but what you’re doing looks like that, from a distance.)

Please configure your email script to use a fixed email address at your site as the sender, and put the email address input by the user in the body of the message (or in a “Reply-To” header, if possible).

Thanks, I see that, and thought about that as a possibility. But if that were the case, wouldn’t the server block all the email sent from the form not just the gmail and yahoo requesters. At our end the sender is our dreamhost domain not the requesters email domain. Which presents an issues because our help desk (track-it) software sees all the requests as coming from the dreamhost domain making providing an auto response problematic. thanks for the help, if we can nail down the cause and fix we will post back.


Our servers only currently block emails with invalid senders from a few large domains at this time; GMail and Yahoo are two of the larger domains affected. This list will expand as time goes on.

With regard to your help desk software, I do understand how that could be an issue. I’m not familiar with Track-It, but I can’t imagine you’re the first user to encounter this sort of issue. Please contact BMC support to see if there’s an alternate solution available for this.

So the short term fix was to remove form requesters email address from what the form says is the ‘return address’. This makes working with the email harder when it comes in but does seem to allow requests to be made in the form from yahoo and gmail users.

When there is more time I guess some under the hood poking may make a work around possible.

Have you considered making use of the “Reply-to” header?