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I don’t seem to be able to create email folders at the root level of my mailbox, I can only create them inside my Inbox. Is this true or am I missing something?

Not sure what you are trying to do but are you sure you have the same group permissions as the original account or at least the particular mail account?

If so you made need to contact DreamHost Support for them to check there are no errors.


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To clarify, I CURRENTLY have:


  • Some old Messages
  • Other old Messages

but what I WANT is:

Some old Messages
Other old Messages

My IMAP client will not allow me to do this. In Squirrel Mail, I tried creating a new folder with [none] as the parent, but I got an “illegal name” error. Any suggestions?

I can confirm the same behavior for me, but I don’t know why it works that way. You can always create, under Inbox:

  • Inbox2
    – Inbox2a
    – Inbox2b

It doesn’t look much different to me.

They recently hired more support help.
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Are you referring to the create folder function within the webmail application? If so, I don’t believe you can create a folder at the same level as Inbox. If you SSH to your site and then do an ls -Al ~/Maildir, you will see all of your folders directly under Maildir listed as .Folder. There will also be folders there for cur, new, and tmp. These three are your Inbox mail. Each of your mail Folders will also have cur, new, and tmp sub-folders containing the mail for that folder. So, essentially, the Maildir folder is your Inbox folder which is also your root mail folder and you can only have one each of cur, new, and tmp at that level.