Email filtering


I currently have my email server setup so that all email sent to "" end up in the “somebody” mailbox.

I use postfix regexp domain filtering for that. Is there a way to replicate that with Dreamhost’s setup?



I don’t know the answer, but have you thought about using “plus addressing”? This is a rather obscure part of the email standard that allows you to add a +tagoranythingyouwant to your username. For example, if you are first.last@yourdomain.tld, your mail server is supposed to deliver mail like first.last+dontspammeplease@yourdomain.tld to the first.last@yourdomain.tld mailbox. Not all mail servers comply with plus addressing, so it remains an open question whether you can do this here at Dreamhost.

As a downside I’ve noticed that a number of people’s web forms don’t take the plus sign as a valid character for email addresses.

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That’s mostly why I looped around + addressing, most webform refuse them. Since my domain had a limited number of users, we use first name domains.

I have to say that I want to keep this mostly for historical purposes. In the five years I have used this scheme, only the hotjob and constanttime extension have been used for spam, and hotjob was making it scrapable. All other companies I have dealt with have been pretty honorable and never used my email address for anything else.


sounds complicated. I don’t even know what you are talking about :frowning:

Will it help if you use google’s email server?

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The gmail servers do support plus addressing, but as mlongtin and I said, it’s mostly the web forms that have problems with plus addressing.

And these are exactly the places you want to use it - to trace who sold you out.

OTOH, it won’t be too long before spammer learn about plus addressing and just strip off the plus part. :frowning:

BTW, with free subdomains, would it help to have one real email address per subdomain and using catchall to forward to one mailbox?

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