Email filtering & autoresponder


I was perusing the email filtering system and have an “is this do-able” question:

I have a formmail set up to send to an “info@” address which sets the subject of the received form-to-email as “[website form submission]” and sends a “message received” auto-response email back to the submitter.

Is it possible to set up an email filter on my info@ address to do “if subject line is NOT “[website form submission]” then relegate to the Junk Mail folder”???

Curious because I get an occasional spam email sent to my info@ address (maybe 1 a week) and I’d like to be able to killfilter it before the autoresponder kicks in, thereby verify the address to the unauthorized sender who didn’t use the web form.

I am, however, glad that at least systems are in place to stop the possibility of endless loops and delivery failed errors :slight_smile:

Any thoughts?