Email filter

I just enabled the email filter on our mail boxes. The directions say that I can find the filtered messages that are being held in limbo…but I can’t figure out how to do that. When I click on the place to find them, I’m just at the regular webmail sign in (for squirrel mail). Thanks for helping me.

The messages that get filtered out as “junk” are not stored the same way as other messages. They go into a separate database. The user interface to this database of junk mail, as well as the settings you can change yourself, is currently only available through a customized install of Squirrelmail run by DreamHost.

So after you have logged into the DreamHost Squirrelmail one then proceeds to click on the “Junk” folder. The interface will come up showing the messages and provide options for deleting them or moving them to your inbox.

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