Email filter question

I also asked dreamhost support… but haven’t gotten a reply yet so I thought I might try here…

Does anyone know if it’s possible to filter emails so only the email domains from your whitelist gets sent to you? I tried looking for that sort of option in my webmail and in my dreamhost control panel and I don’t seem to see it… I’m getting these investing spams like other users as well…

You can do this with the DH Junk Mail Filter. First, turn off any catch-all if you have it on. Then you can turn on the Junk Mail Filter - in the Panel, it’s here:

When you’ve turned on the Junk Mail Filter, log in to your webmail and click on “Options” – you will find a new item “SpamAssassin” where you can add addresses to the filter.

  • You can add them either as blacklist (any matches will be quarantined) or as whitelist (any matches will be delivered to your inbox).
  • Also, you can specify full e-mail addresses or just any fragment.

With a little care, you’re on your way to a good filter. But please be aware that it is not bulletproof – you should regularly check the quarantine list (“Junk Mail” folder) and see if there are any good mails caught.

This filtering must be set up on each mailbox on the domain.

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