Email filter documentation


Hi there,

I just recently switched my email hosting over to Dreamhost and I’m trying to use the mail filtering feature. I’m subscribed to a bunch of mailman mailing lists and I’d like them to be filtered into a subfolder. I tried creating a filter like:
[Headers] [contains] []
but it doesn’t seem to be working. I have another filter I’ve created that is working, so email filtering is working in general. Is there any documentation on how exactly the filtering works? When I choose “Headers”, what am I matching on? Is there a way to write a filter that matches on both the header name and header value?


I just posted an email question too, while waiting I saw yours and one other so far with zero responses. this is probably not a good sign.


ted.mielczarek: Looking at your account, it seems like you might have figured it out! Do you still need help with setting up filtering at all? Unfortunately, no, we don’t have detailed information on how to setup the filters. What we do have is here:
As far as your questions go, what do you consider the difference between the “header” name and the “header” value? We’re a little confused on what you’re asking – Can you clarify? :slight_smile:

Kburrows: We replied to your post here :slight_smile:


Yeah, I figured it out through trial and error. It appears to match entire header lines by regular expression, so I had to write rules like:
[Headers] [contains] [List-Id:.*]

When I say “header name” vs. “header value”, I’m referring to the way headers are treated according to the RFCs:
"Header fields are lines composed of a field name, followed by a colon (":"), followed by a field body"

So an email header like:
List-Id: "For discussions about how to grow Mozilla and bring in new
contributors. " <>

“List-Id” is the header name, and the value is everything after the colon. Most desktop e-mail clients will allow you to filter on arbitrary header values, like [List-Id] [contains] [].