Email errors in log

My log file has the following line for each time I have tried to send an email via a form:

“[Fri Jan 07 11:19:59 2011] [error] [client] [PHPFormMail] Normal e-mail sent from IP, referer:

I am using PHPFormMail and have set all the variables to match the site. I am using “post”. I get the “success” page after submitting the form, never any errors to the screen. I am not receiving any of the emails, only the line in the error log.

Any possible suggestions? Thanks!

Are you sure it’s an error at all? The [error] part of the log line is generated by the web server, and is placed on all error/warning/debug messages in the error.log, whether they correspond to actual errors or simply to notifications that an email was sent.

No, I’m not sure it’s a true error, and I don’t understand why it’s in the error log (what is it actually saying?). It’s interesting that I’m not getting any error messages to the screen. Still no emails have been received.

Additional information: from the PHP Form Mail script manual, "E-mails that pass all the tests and are sent will have a log entry of “Normal e-mail sent from IP {ip_address}”.

So now it’s confirmed that my form and script are satisfactory. I now need to understand why the email isn’t being received (at an active gmail account), or if it’s actually being sent at all.

RESOLVED - Emails were being sent successfully. For the first time, they were labeled as spam. Headers, maybe? Thank you for your help. Maybe this will save someone else some frustration.