Email empty but shows space used

In my control panel to view my email accounts, the main address (the one that usually shows in color such as green and says at bottom “* includes website disk usage!”) gives me 7% of my space for that address is being occupied.

I went to the Webmail, but nothing is there (that includes the Old Messages). I checked all the other addresses and there is nothing there, also.

I reconfigured my main address to remove read messages when inbox reaches 5 messages and older than 5 days. Save removed messages in “old-messages”. “Email me when messages are removed.” Yet, everything is empty and shows that percentage in my control panel and no email of removal.

I use pop mail and not imap, since I can go to webmail.

Where else can I go to “see” what is taking up all this space?

Thanks in advance for your quick reply.

I have a simmilar issue I was pondering. Wonder if anybody here has some insight.

I have a forward only address set up that seems to use about 6mb space. The address that it forwrads to is also hosted by DH under the same account and it is checked every five min by POP and messages removed from the server.

As it’s only 6mb I really couldn’t care less about the space it’s taking up, but I was a little curious as to why this would show up.


Yeah, I guess I should clear that up also, that ALL of the addresses that are set-up in the control panel are DM hosted, NOT from hotmail, yahoo, etc.

Out of 75Mb allotted space, 5mb is being used. If it disappears, then it disappears, BUT I would like to know WHERE this is being stored so I can view them and/or delete them since they can not be viewed via webmail.

Here’s a clue. The generic mailboxes (mnnnnnnn) are still user accounts, they’re just restricted to only used for mail. And just like with FTP/shell users, there will be files and directories that are maintained for mail services (Razor, procmail, etc) as well as the messages themselves. You don’t have access to these files and directories though, and normally they don’t take up much space.

If the mailbox is for a ftp/shell user, then the disk space reported will be all disk space used by the user, not just mail, hence the disclaimer for those.

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Then what is the purpose of ‘old-messages’ if nothing is showing up in it as directed by settings?

Disk space for user is not reported for me under the mail usage area. One user has something around 190mb uner the user listing, and under the mail tab shows only 0.2mb.

As far as the extra stuff being stored there, this stuff is only showing up in one of my several E-mail address. Others that are cheked in the same manner have alomst no data stored - as I would expect.


okdk… it’s been awhile now, and the percentage isn’t going down.

There shouldn’t be anything in there. I haven’t recieved mail for a week, and Webmail is also void.

I read a KBase article (What can I do if my mailbox is full?) and a user, “kickaha”, replied last year, “You can also free up space by deleting files from the corresponding shell account”.

How do I get to this ‘shell account’? What is it? Is it the same as going thru IMAP/Webmail?

I appreciate all the replies, and sorry for late replies back. Sometimes I get mail, sometimes I don’t.

As Atropos7 previously stated this is normal. This is NOTHING to be concerned about. You do not have access to those files as they are needed to control various tasks within the user account for the email address. If you don’t believe us then put in a support ticket and they can explain the same thing to you as well.

PS. Even if you did somehow gain access to these files and removed them your email would no longer work.

Thanks spawn for replying.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, please. I’m not calling anyone a liar nor am I disbelieving. But, when am I to see this percentage go down (or accumulated info deleted to free up space)? I hate to think that no matter how many emails I recieve that it leaves “a ghost” making me believe my box is full when it isn’t. I understand the various tasks objects, but if someone sent me a 1.3MB file 2 weeks ago and I grabbed, deleted it… how long is this info stored? I thought I set my account where it would delete after 2 days (in email account control panel).

Thanks again. And please pardon my worrisome behaviour. Like I said, I would hate to see my mailbox “full” when it’s not… and discourage the use of any email account on my entire account.