Email drama

oooh goodie!

it’s been two days I cannot access my email “addresses” section in my panel. It’s not my connection, it’s not my browsers ( I tried crapy ms-ie, n6, mozilla 1.6, firefox 0.9) really!! and actually the panel is not functioning properly anymore.

Are others in a same bind!

in NYC it seems like a bad cab ride at 9 am on a wednesday am after long hours of clubbing!!

DH what were you thinking? I would be doing in my pants right now!

Become responsible by:

1/ reading all of these posts about the screwy email sys change

Then, referring to the movie “Old School” I 'll be dean Prichard and I’ll say:

2/ Please take a moment and allow all this posts/threads to SINK in.

really! no kidding!

see ya

oli in nyc

Jeff has a post in another thread which explains what happened, what they should have done, admits to dropping the ball and tells us what to do if we need more help on the matter. If you still need help, contact support.