Email Down

My email is effectively down, I can’t send or receive email due to timeouts.

The lies and BS coming from DH is no substitute for fixing the on-going issues.

When will real action be taken to fix the performance issues?

The “real action” would be moving your mail service to another provider.

I am doing just that. I’ve been with Dreamhost since the three guys founded it, and after all this time and loyalty, this email problem has broken my trust. I’m in the process of switching hosts right now. Thank God.

If people just move their email hosting, then DH has less incentive to provide a good service. Customers should demand a good email service, live with a bad email service, or move completely to a different provider.

For 99% of people on DH (hobbyists, personal web sites, or very small businesses) paying for two services isn’t a real option.

Arguably for bigger businesses the cost of paying for two services is negligible – but in principle, it would be nice to expect a good service.

And I think overall DH is very good - have been with them about 9 years – but they’re poor in 4 areas: webmail offering, email reliability, old/unsupported 1-click installs, initial customer service if account creation isn’t automated.

Very generous in allowing them four strikes. The email problem is the biggie, and it pushed me to seek out a completely new web hosting service. I’m now in the waiting process of getting my domains transferred off Dreamhost to a new provider, and it can’t happen soon enough.

This is absolutely frustrating. I’ve missed out on purchasing group tickets to events, dinner with friends, and who knows what other important e-mails I’ve never received because of Dreamhost.

Over a one-month turnaround on this is abysmal and shameful. I’m not getting the service I’m paying for. Apologies and “thanks for your patience” messages aren’t enough here - I want a partial refund.

I don’t want to go through switching to another host, but I’d be more than happy to have my credit card cancel my last transaction to DH for not rendering services, and go through the pain of switching.