?Email Down?

I can’t login via POP or IMAP. Webmail produces the following:

ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.”

I contacted support about 4 hours ago, without any response.

Can anyone help me out? it’s really important I get it working in the next couple of hours.


A friend of mine who has a DH account on spree can’t read his email either, even via webmail. He gets the same error.

Meanwhile, I’m on aviation and I have no problems sending or reading email, via IMAP with Thunderbird or via webmail.

I’m not sure how things are laid out at DH, so I can’t be sure the machine has anything to do with it. But it’s the only substantive difference between my friend’s DH account and mine that I can think of.

A minor correction: yes, I’m aware IMAP is used for reading email, not sending it. So any references to sending email should be struck.

Same here. I submitted a report via the webpanel.

DreamHost has now resolved this issue for me.

I am experiencing the same problem and have for the past few days. It is still ongoing and I hope they have it fixed soon.

I received a timely response to my problem, after I filled out the RIGHT form :wink: Just wanted to let everyone know that Dreamhost IS listening and taking care of me. I am very happy with their service.

Here is the email they just sent:


Sorry about that! Your e-mail addresses need to be reconfigured. It looks like a data move did not get completed correctly. I am taking care of this now and everything will be working properly in about an hour.

If you have any other questions or concerns, be sure to let me know!