Email down for over FIFTEEN hours

Yes 587 or 25 was right for the outgoing smtp with 143 for your incoming imap server.
Back to the drawing board then and see what DreamHost support have to say.


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!

It’s broken on the DH side. Email was fine until Tuesday, it’s been down since then.

It doesn’t matter if it’s POP or IMAP.
It doesn’t matter if your using the m#### login or not.
The port numbers that worked perfectly Tuesday morning don’t work now.

NOTHING has changed in my email configurations.

This started as soon as the SMTP “fix” (I forgot - we couldn’t SEND email earlier this week) was posted.

I’ve checked the wiki.
I’ve emailed support.
I’ve got a system-wide check going on for my primary email accounts. There is a verified problem; and they’ve been looking into it for over 30 hours.

Every now and then, one account gets through. Then, the next minute, it doesn’t work anymore.

If you check ONE and ONLY ONE account at a time, you can get it to work SOMETIMES. If you check more than one at a time, forget it.

I would LOVE if DH would reply to my support emails, or hell - give us an update on the support blog.

I don’t want long apologetic letters. Just keep me updated with what’s really going on.

I’ll repeat what I said in an earlier post: my perception is that DH is growing a bit too fast for them to keep up with the inevitable gremlins. I can’t help forming that opinion when one minute I’m reading about how many new domains they’re hosting, and the next minute it’s becoming painfully obvious that support is seriously falling behind.

I’ve been with a number of hosting providers over the years - and all have had their downtime - but even discounting the power outage a couple of weeks ago, I’ve NEVER - NOT ONCE - had my email go south for the better part of a WEEK.

I’m not calling anyone names, I’m being patient, and I’m sure it will all work out - but I’ve got some serious doubts about DH’s ability to effectively handle their growth. Someone please convince me otherwise.

Yep, I have a client hosted on sunset, has had issues 3 days running. I have opened 5 tickets with DH this week… Same as the rest of you.

$10 to someone who posts a cell # of a tech.

I’ve been having trouble all week too. How do I check what server I’m on? And how hard would it be for me to transfer my domain to a decent host? :\

telnet to and the logon prompt should say.

Its not HARD to switch to a new host, its just a PITA and a waste of time. I would much rather demand DH fix this within a day.

We pre paid 2 years, so it would be $$ lost on our part at this point, I think.

I don’t get a “connection refused” message. I probably need to enable shell access.

I’ve also prepaid but downtime is unacceptable. I worry more about breaking things in the transfer and time before the DNS update propogates.


Your post is well stated and I think very accurrate. I’m fortunate that I have not had the kinds of email problems you, and other here have described.

Here’w hoping, for you, that DH gets you sorted soon!


Are you talking about your mail server or your hosting server (they are different at Dreamhost). You can identify your hosting server from the ssh/telnet logon message, or from the panel by going Domains->Manage Domains-> and click the “edit” link (you don’t actually have to edit or save any changes") and you will be able to see that "CGI runs as user xxx on servername.

It’s actually even easier to check your email server - just view full headers of any email sent/received from your domain and the server will be listed in the appropriate spots.


Thats the other ‘problem’ is that changing now means a 1-2 day disruption in DNS propogation, moving web sites, setting up accounts, at the clients expense for my time.

When I think and want DH to just post (it will be fixed by XX:XX) and stick to it.

New update - I can log into webmail - but pop still drops connection after auth.

I got an email from problem tracking:

Outage resolved: We believe the issue to be resolved.
(2006-08-10 15:34:25 PDT, 0 secs ago)
Outage verified: We are actively looking into resolving it.
(2006-08-10 04:32:41 PDT, 11 hours 1 min ago) Outage first reported.
(2006-08-10 04:27:03 PDT, 11 hours 7 mins ago)

Just checked. Nope, POP still drops the connection after auth.

My POP and IMAP accounts seem to be back to normal. (4:19 PDT)

Crossing my fingers…

I’ll keep mine crossed for you! I hope they have this finally sorted for you; you’ve certainly waited long enough.