Email down for over FIFTEEN hours

The SMTP server was down yesterday and it took Dreamhost 15 hours to fix the problem?! And the email service has been having frequent problems in the previous two months.

Has Dreamhost given up on improving the reliability? It seems like I’ve better setup my own server, so when something goes wrong at least I can do something about it, instead of waiting and waiting for Dreamhost to fix it.

I’ve been loyal to DH since 1999, but this year has been sheer, unadulterated “down in the hotlands with demons.” I’m seriously looking at another hosting solution. I do NOT like being told their problem is MY problem and threatened with being shut down because I run successful sites and email backlogs while they are down.

The Deepening

Now the POP/IMAP server is down, for over 11 hours already and still not fixed. I can’t tolerate it any longer.


Unacceptable. Email seems to be a major feat for dreamhost. More problems than any other host I’ve worked with.

Their panel doesn’t work correctly. A few times, I’ve added a new domain then added an email address. and doesn’t show up, I have to manually email support and have them set it up.

I own 20 domains, is it fair that I have to give my gmail address to everyone? Oh, my host cannot get email right: here’s my gmail address.


This is beginning to get really tiring for me as well.

Logging into accounts has been a chore since the SMTP “fix” a day or so ago.

I’m finding that I can check ONE and ONLY ONE account at a time, but try to check two or more simultaneously and it fails miserably. This goes for both POP and IMAP.

I’m trying my best to hang in there, but I can’t help thinking that DH is too big/growing too fast etc. to maintain itself in a reasonable manner. I may be wrong, but this is the PERCEPTION, and perception COUNTS in the end…

count me in as a pissed off customer as well. i’m looking at other providers. i have to keep a Gmail account just to make sure i get important messages.

(errors people get when sending me mail):

This is the Postfix program at host

unknown user: “m******”

Final-Recipient: rfc822; m*******
Original-Recipient: rfc822; jamie@**.net
Action: failed
Status: 5.0.0
Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; unknown user: "m
" [/quote]

Webmail is complely useless today, and my mail client on my home computer (macmail) is asking me for my password every ten minutes, which I assume means my mail is disconnecting every ten minutes. I think I am officially over this.

The DH Status blog lists this problem as fixed - IT IS NOT.

Support answered my support request, claiming that they’ve replaced some hardware and that I was having the login problems due to the fact that my mail accounts were logging in with just the username (versus THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT. ALL of my accounts use @ for the username, and this problem is still manifesting itself 18 HOURS after my first request for support.

I’m really really really trying to be patient, but it’s REALLY BAD FORM to close my support request based on the wrong assumption that I’ve set up my accounts incorrectly.

IF ANYONE at DH is listening, I responed to your response to my support request by email, and I’m telling you here: THIS IS NOT FIXED. AT ALL.


I can only imagine how frustrating that must be! However, just so you know, yhou should not count on any posting you make in this forum being seen by Dreamhost staff - this is a “customer to customer” forum only. Occasionally, a Dreamhost staffer might visit, but you can never count on that.

By responding to the support email, your ticket should be kept alive, but if you do not hear back from them do not hesitate to open another ticket, so they know your problem is not resolved.

In the meantime, have you tried logging in with your “m1234567” account user id? I suggest trying that, and see if it lets you in. If it does, than the problems is most likely in the lookup function (which they can fix) but at least you will be able to get your mail while they get it sorted.

Good Luck!


I’m concerned that it’s going to take another 16 hours to hear back - that will mean 3 DAYS of this problem.

I have tried using the m##### login; it makes no difference.

I’m sorry to hear that using the alternate user name proved fruitless, and that you have still not heard back from DH support.

I understand your concern “that it’s going to take another 16 hours to hear back”, but the longer you delay submitting the new ticket, the longer that wait, unfortunately, is likely to be.

I can think of no other usggestions(s) for you. If you can’t login to webmail via either username/password combo, and you can’t connect via POP/IMAP, it is going to take some action on the part of support to get you sorted.


I am on my 3rd consecutive day here with constant password log in problems on the spunky cluster and its become a major irritation to say the least. There have been frequent problems now for months and it just seems to be endless. On top of that I see that dreamhost are listed once again on spamcop so I am now getting email bounced back as well. It seems ridiculous that the only way I can get trouble free email is by using a free alternative like Yahoo. On the whole my web site stability has been good with dreamhost but the email set up is the worst I have ever experienced. Perhaps I have been unlucky but this can’t be allowed to continue forever.

it’s STILL not fixed. says the email authentication is fixed but it’s not.

i keep submitting support tickets and they keep telling me that it is now fixed.

the problem is that they no longer give you a username of “m1234567” when you set up an account. i’ve also tried logging into to try to get the "“m1234567” username and all that is listed as the username is the email address.

so that option is NOT available to some


That may be the case in the circumstance of a very recently created mailbox, but I’m not so sure. I believe that the “webmail” interface, of which “” is a part, have always used the form of the username, but I believe the “mail backend” still ties these to an “m1234567” style user name, which you can use in POP3/IMAP clients.

The way to check this is not via, but through Would you mind checking there and see if you find any “m1234567” style mapping (it will be it is in italic type among the details of the mailbox) and report back what you find?

I’m only asking since all mine show the “m1234567” id, and you indicated you have some that do not have it. I think it would be useful for all of us to know whether they are still there, but in a “non-intuitive” spot, or of they are in fact, “gone” for new addresses.



Ok, I’m not the only one with email problems. I just signed up with dreamhost a couple days ago.

So far I’m not liking the ways my email folders are set up, but I’m sure I can live with it. At first I was constantly asked to login. Now I’m getting this error:

Mail server is not an IMAP4 mail server.

Hopefully I’m just doing something wrong on my end, but I’ve been able to setup IMAP email accounts with thunderbird with previous hosts with absolutely no problems at all.

I would double check that you have entered the mail server name correctly without any extra, or trailing, spaces. Also make sure the dots are dots in the server name and not commas.
Check you have the correct port number of 143 and are not using TLS.
Put in your email user with domain name like this and carefully enter your password. If you are not using your ISP smtp to send mail then make sure you set it to authorise your smtp login or use pop before smtp.


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!

well, I was using port 587 (according to the wiki setup for thunderbird. Tried 143 and now I get:

Login to server failed

And mydomainname is obviously replaced with my actual domain name. And there’s no typos in my mail servers, login, or password.

Fun times!

Norm is a lot smarter than I am, but I think you were right the first time using port 587 :wink:

If still not working after all these things have been double checked, there has to be something “borked” on the DH side.

Have you been able to log on via webmail?


Yeah I can log into webmail I just can’t grab my mail. I was able to for a few minutes until I started getting the imap4 error… just makes me think its a DH server issue.