Email Distribution list and Sender Quota


I’m starting to get grief from my users who send out mass emails for short annoucements.
They are volunteers who manage clubs and various sections ( change year to year) and like to send member updates. These are basic users who know email and little else.

They are now getting the message "Transaction failed 554 Recipient address rejected: Policy Rejection: --SENDER_QUOTA_REJECTION-- when sending a list out that contains 100+ reciepients. The limit is 100/hr to avoid spam abuse on the dreamhost server.

I’ve investigated the Annoucement List facility but I’m concerned that the added complexity of having them log into another mechanism (other then raw email – squirrel Mail) will be confusing for them.

Suggestions, Tips, help and /or directions greatly appeciated.


I don’t think you’re going to get much relief from DreamHost, as they’re very spam-unfriendly. Not that your list is spam, but having an unchecked list of 100+ addresses in a message raises the fear of someone complaining about receiving spam.

I’d suggest you break down the lists and have the volunteers space out the mailings.

The more complicated option would be to use a moderated/restricted Discussion list. It has the advantage over an Announce list in that you can email the message and have it sent out, but takes some background effort to set up and maintain.