Email disk usage


I just took over managing an organization’s email and website. There are several mailboxes that have almost reached their disk usage allotment. Is there a way to delete the old information and start the mailbox fresh? I don’t want to raise their limits and the old mail is not necessary.


I suppose you could try Mail > Manage Addresses and then click the edit button next to the mailbox. Perhaps setting the messages and or day boxes to zero should empty the mailboxes.

I haven’t tried this but you may have to send a seed email to each box to make it work. Then you could reset the mailbox as you want.

Or have you got too many mailboxes for that? :slight_smile:



Be careful deleting users email, if they are using IMAP to access mail it is normal to see many MBs of email in a mailbox.

Maybe a polite email from you being the new sysadmin asking users to cleanout their mailboxes first before deleting email would be wise.

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