Email discussion group with history

I am looking for a Yahoo groups like email listserv with a member’s only viewable history and search. All members should be able to view all emails sent, not just the admin (so Squirrel mail is close but no cigar).

Is this possible with Dreamhost, or should we keep our list over at Yahoo. The history thing is critical to our membership.


You may want to try out a Mailman discussion list.

Thanks, I do have one such already.

How does a mailmain list supply to any subscribed member a complete history of past emails? The only way I can see where they could view that is if I gave them the my admin login.

It isn’t creating the list that is the problem, it’s supplying the history. That’s the advantage of Yahoo group emails, actually.

Each discussion list has an archive setup by default. Every message sent to the list is stored in the archive. You can browse and search the list archive via a web browser.

To get to your list’s archive page visit the List’s General Information page.
It should have a URL like:

or you can get to it by clicking on “Admin” in the Discussion Lists area of your DH panel and then follow the link in the footer.