Email Directory Structure


I am in the process of moving my site to Dreamhost. In addition to my site, I want to move my email messages over. I’ve read the wiki and searched the forums. I’ve converted my emails to the maildir format and have set up my email user. However, I am unclear as to exactly where I should place my email files (the ones I am copying over to Dreamhost).

In my Maildir directory, I see the following:

I understand that cur, new, and tmp are directories that are present in every email folder with the Maildir format. Is that correct? Is Maildir/ essentially the INBOX or do I need to create Maildir/INBOX?

Also, my existing email has a bunch of folders. Where would I copy these? Would these folders be sub-directories of Maildir?

I’ve also sent a help request, but in case that takes too long, any advice here will be greatly appreciated.


If it’s your rogermh account, then I might be possible (just guessing, since I don’t do this).

If it’s one of the mXXXXXX mail-only accounts, then I’m pretty sure we don’t get directory access to those accounts; just POP and/or IMAP. I’m guessing you have IMAP. Isn’t it possible to re-sync your IMAP server mailboxes using your mail client?



I have a user account (with SFTP and SSH access), not a mail-only account so yes, I do have directory access to the Maildir directory.

I’m not sure what you mean by “re-sync”. I’ve got a bunch of email messages and folders that I basically want to transfer to Dreamhost and then be able to access through Dreamhost with IMAP.


Maildir/cur is my Inbox.

My mail folders are sub-directories of Maildir; each one begins with a period.