Email delay (again)

Not sure if this is the wright topic/forum.
Beginners is not wright,since I am a DH-fan since april 2006

I really, do not even want a reply from the “new” regular DH people, because it NEVER solves anything that has to do with email.


and all problems has always been solved with DH.

Just a question, why today I receive an email, dated February 11, just to be clear today is february 20/21 (I am in Thailand 12-15 hours difference)

Guess now 9 days slow for email?
Just wandering, how many more emails I miss daily, that DH does not send me?

I does give me an answer why sales went DOWN and DOWN

Im sorry to hear of the mail delay you’ve experienced! Please reach support directly from your web panel:

Please let us know,

We’ll investigate our mail logs with the details you provide and get back to you asap.

Cedric H

hmmmm… I wonder where my reply a few hours ago went?

How are these emails created?

could it be something similar to:

Edit: wrong link

It’s not missing, I never hit post, just found it closing tabs…

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