Email connection failures



For the last couple days my MS Outlook connections to the sub4 e-mail server for IMAP have been randomly failing. They’ll fail for a while then suddenly all connect up, repeat the pattern…

I’m not having any problem with net connectivity or connecting to any other mail servers.

What’s up?


I’m also having trouble with sub4. When on webmail, I get intermittent “login failed - username or password incorrect” errors, and outlook doesn’t show errors but takes 10-15 minutes to show new emails. Meaning an email sent at 4:45PM will appear in outlook at about 5, but outlook lists the arrival time as 4:45 or 4:46


Um, only two of us?
Is this something on our client side or is there a server issue?
Are we polling too frequently? (was every 10 minutes here to several domains on sub4)

I just made a change in Outlook: I created a new account group and set it to poll every 30 minutes. Within seconds it received email from two different domains that’s dated 5-10 days old. I’ve removed these domains from the 10 minute poll cycle and from immediate send/receive requests. If I get the error again, with three domains, total five accounts being polled, I’ll further stagger the polling to avoid what could be an issue with simultaneous hits from a single client.

@acadams I recommend you try the same and see if you get the same result.


I was certainly polling frequently while testing the issue. But I’ve polled POP servers frequently without such issues since the early 90’s. I wonder if that server is overloaded or if they’re deprioritizing SMTP transport and POP polling?



I’m not getting any errors since changing my polling frequency. So far that’s my working theory. But the server error doesn’t agree and I haven’t seen any DH notes on that topic.


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