Email config after server move?


I just had my server moved for the account that handles my email. I’ve been using procmail to filter my mail. Long story short, my old shell account, which I can log into on my former server using the server name, still contains my Maildir, and was still processing incoming email using procmail. This caused hours of confusion, since the instructions didn’t say anything about the old shell account still being active. I had to disable my .forward.postfix file in the old shell account in order for the new mail front-end to work.

Is this just a temporary situation? I find it hard to believe that DH would keep around my old shell account and use it to process mail after moving me to a new server, as well as store my Maildir there.

Can anyone tell me how mail is processed with the new, post-shell scheme? Is it different for those of us with old shell accounts?


It’s very different. Mail isn’t stored locally with the newer system. Some users have written up some hacks so they can retain the ability to use filters. You might find more info with a search of this forum, or over at the Wiki.

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