Email Concern


I have a client that forwarded her email to her dreamhost email account and for some reason whenever a Telus or an email address replies to it, it doesn’t seem to send. I can offer more information I just have to sift through my emails otherwise is there any solutions to this?

Here is what my client is receiving from her clients…

550 <“email address”>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown

If anybody knows what’s wrong can you let me know.


I’m a bit sleepy, so I’m trying to clarify:
Client has which forwards to
Client sends mail with a return address of, what, and when someone@telus responds, it bounces? Where does the bounce occur? At the server, or at the dreamhost server? Is her forwarding address also @telus?

I know there’s a slightly similar issue with Gmail addresses, but I’ve not heard of this problem elsewhere:


I think I figured it out. The person that forwarded to the servers didn’t do it properly because when I tested the DNS servers on the site there were a couple errors.

Thanks for your reply though hopefully this solves the problem which I assume will!