Email coming hours or DAYS late!?

I’ve been getting emails at crazy times lately.

A client sent an email friday afternoon… I got it MONDAY afternoon.
Girlfriend dropped me a quick hello this morning… it just arrived, some eight hours later.

I’m seeing quite a few of these… yet other emails come instantly.

What gives?

Here is the announcement DreamHost sent out :slight_smile:

Hello Dreamhosters–

Over the weekend, the Junk Filter found a new and interesting way to break. One of the filter
machines continued to accept mail and appeared to be operating fine, but was holding mail.

The problem first surfaced late on Friday and were resolved early this morning. No mail was
lost, only delayed. Because only one machine was affected, about half the mail going to your
domains will have gone through, and half delayed.

We’ve fixed the issue and improved our monitoring systems to detect situations like this in the
future. Our apologies for the delay.

Happy Dreamhost Junk Team

My sigguestion, like Dallas said in on an other thread, turn off the junk filter thill they get it all working properly. Better a bit of junk than delayed E-mails. :slight_smile:


Hhmmmm… I suppose so. I’m still getting out of date emails, so it’s not working yet.

…but damn, do I get hit hard with spam…


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robsdemo - self explanatory :slight_smile:

The junk mail backup was all cleared out by about 11pm PST last night. If you continue to get delayed emails, please contact our support team and include the full headers of the delayed message so we can see where the delay occurred and smack the server back into form.

We are working very hard to keep the junk mail servers in line as the amount of email being processed increases rapidly, but there have been some unfortunate mishaps. We rely very heavily on email ourselves (for our business as well as our personal lives) so we know how important it is.

If the timeliness of your email is vital, you may want to turn off the junk filter until it’s been a little more battle-hardened.

  • Dallas
  • DreamHost Honcho

We’ve never had the new junk mail system turned on for our domains, though, and we’ve been hit really hard (and seem to be still having problems). Yes, we have already contacted support.