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Does anyone know any specific code for adding a link to my page that takes the clicker to their default email program and automaticly adds in my email adress and/or other information? I need this code.

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This is food for spambots though


It’s called the mailto: scheme and it is not guaranteed to work, because it depends on whether or not the browser is able to pass the URL to the mail client in full as well as the mail client being able to decode it. There is an RFC:

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Hey, there’s a fairly simple MAILTO: HTML hyperlink reference that can do this… I’ve posted the code below, remember to change the information to what you want it to be…

<a href=“mailto:YourEmailHere?subject=“YourSujectHere”&body=“YourBodyTextHere””>

That’s pretty much it, you can mail to more than one address by adding a comma after the first email and tpying another. You may want to check the way the quotes are set up, I didn’t test it out.

Thanks so much. Ill try them all.

Except that spaces are invalid in URLs unless encoded as , and ampersands within HTML documents need to be represented by &, so you really need to do:

– Dan