Email changes fubar

OK, It’s been a long year. I’ve generally been happy with Dreamhost’s performance, in spite of the problems of the last 6 months: whole domain outages; status updates not viewable (remember the DDoS attack?). Anyway, the changes made to mail yesterday may have been the last straw.

First: mail was not broken and did not need “fixing”.
Second: It would appear that the changes had not been tested.
Third: The changes so screwed up my mapping of aliases to mailboxes that I’ve had to delete aliases and mailboxes just to get rid of the clutter to find out what’s left.

My suggestion is to restore mail to what it had been before the changes.

If some dumsht MSIE using cretins can’t figure out how to map an alias to a mailbox, then teach 'em. Don’t fck with something that already works.

Anybody know a good hosting provider that does not break things as bad as Dreamhost seems to, … but with a good track record of anti-spam and staying out of DNSBls?

Methinks I’ve had it.

“MSIE using cretins”

Nice wording!

I happen to agree with you: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

[quote]First: mail was not broken and did not need “fixing”.


The global mailbox namespace was extremely primitive and limiting and I support DH’s decision to upgrade the mail address system to escape it.

[quote]Second: It would appear that the changes had not been tested.


There we agree. I’va had lost mailbox entries, lost mail, failed authentication - problems all still outstanding.

Very poor show indeed, DH.

I just took a moment out of my life and glanced briefly over the new “addresses” section in the control panel. All I can do now, is steer clear of it; as long as my email works (somehow), then I’m satisfied. Ofcourse all the mapping is wrong, and it’s even more confusing than the 1st setup with the m boxes. If I had a choice in all this madness, I’d take the previous setup any day!