Email: catch-all and disallowed characters

Hey, I use the catch-all for one of my domains, and I rarely get any spam on it, and when I do, I just add that email address to the garbage email list, no problem. Until now.

some frakking spammer decided to make up a junk email address (something like “|”) with a pipe character at the beginning.

The mail manager won’t let me add it to the garbage email list because the pipe is a disallowed character in email addresses. I tried adding the address WITHOUT the pipe, but it’s still getting through.

I tried to use the mail filters to filter mail with “|” in the To or CC field, but it’s still getting through.

Any other suggestions? I don’t want to have to resort to getting rid of catchall.

Have you tried the mail filters in the panel? They specify a field for “contains” or “does not contain.” Mail -> Message Filters


Yeah, already tried that. Here’s what the filter does:

First, delete emails that match any of the following:

  • Contains | in the to
  • Contains | in the cc

and then stop.

So even if you tell it to delete something that contains aaaa11111zzzz11za, it won’t catch it? That sounds like it’s not going by what it contains, but how it begins.


I tried to set it to delete if the To or CC fields contain a substring of that (e.g. “zzz11”) , but still doesn’t work.