Email - Calendar Integration Options?

Here is what I need some suggestions on:

I currently use the Cingular/ATT 8525 PocketPC when I am in the field for my email, scheduling, editing of docs, and file organization. What I am looking for is the best all around what of gaining complete integration throughout my systems.

For example I want to be able to use IMAP (I have already done the custom PHP changes) to check my mail through the web, my pc or my pocket pc without losing anything between the three.

I am currently using MS Office 2007 on my laptop and the mobile version on my pocket PC, but I really would like a way to do it on the web as well (for example when I don’t have cell service or wifi available, but there is a desktop for my use).

Can anyone think of the best way for me to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.

So bad at this I’m going CRAZY, with worry.