Email blocked by AOL

I am having a very hard time sending email to aol email addresses since switching to dreamhost. Which is a major bummer because I love everything else with dreamhost, but if I can’t get this solved it is going to be a major problem for our company.

The AOL filters are tagging our messages as spam and rejecting them. I’ve been through AOL’s whitelisting procedure, but since Dreamhost doesn’t assign an IP I’m not sure the IPs I entered will actually work.

Has anyone else been through this process and solved the problem?

No, but I can tell you of one scenerio why it is happening. And, it is not dreamhost’s fault.

If a DH user is forwarding mail to an aol account, and the aol user opens the forwarded email and decides to click “This is spam” AOL Blacklist is thinking that it is coming from the dreamhost server, since it was sent from someone and passed on to the users AOL account through dreamhost.

Is nobody else having this problem? I can’t seem to get in AOL’s good graces. I’ll get on their whitelist for a few days and then next thing I know my emails are being blocked again.

I can’t be the only dreamhost customer having this problem, can I?

I am having no problems with aol. Have you let Dreamhost know about your email server being blacklisted with aol? They could then contact AOL about the issue?

Yes, definatly contact support. It could well be that someone else on your machien is spamming, and if that’s the case DH will kick out that person and you’ll be able to E-mail away!

If not, perhaps they can provide some insight as to why it’s getting rejected. I’d reccomend that you include (to DH support) the header info from the origonal and rejected message that you get from AOL.


AOL has a rather ‘liberal’ view of what they consider spam and who they consider sources of spam. They are very quick to temporarily block a server solely based on the actions of their own users. If their users mark a particular message as spam AOL believes them and if enough people do that they will temporarily block mail from the originating server. We are actively working on reducing the impact this has on our users but I don’t think there will be a real solution soon.

AOL is the only major email provider that does this (MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail don’t block us) and somewhat ironically the most recent spam emails sent from our servers have all been sent from AOL IPs by their own users. That would make us chuckle if it weren’t so annoying.

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