Email being lost

Is there a known issue with emails just being “lost in the ether”? I’ve had a number of complaints over the past few weeks from my users about emails not showing up. Working with one user, I sent a series of 10 test messages, each from a different source network. I sent half directly to the person’s POP3 account (at their ISP) and the other half to a domain email here at Dreamhost that forwards to that ISP account. The only email lost was one sent to the Dreamhost email forwarding account. I did not get any kind of bounce back on that message.

So… 1) Is there a problem? 2) How can this be further tested and verified?

Some maintenance was being done on the mail servers, though it doesn’t sound like you ran into that.

Of course, don’t forget to check for the latest outages…

Other causes of missing e-mail are SPAM filters or server blacklists. Can you confirm either? Depending on the content of your test e-mails, a spam filter may have caught your message.

I’ve had clients complain about e-mails falling into the void on other services… It wasn’t happening often enough to troubleshoot and was a source of frustration for me and my client.

All 10 messages were identical except for the sending addresses. 5 sources sent 2 msgs each - one to dreamhost, the other directly to the user’s ISP.

How does Dreamhost handle junk filtering on a forwarded address? Do they still send that “junk mail report” to the user like mailbox users get? If not, how do you check what was filtered?

Forwarded mail doesn’t get filtered.

Since it was just one message that got deleted, and it was a forwarding address, it makes me wonder if that ISP blackholes forwarded mail from DreamHost since some DreamHost server IP addresses show up on spam blocking lists from time to time.

Do you have other forwarding addresses to that same ISP that don’t get dropped?


No, that is the only address forwarding to that ISP. The odd thing though is that the other 4 messages that were sent thru the DH hosted domain (via the same forwarding) were not lost, and they were all sent within the same 5 min period. I would think if the ISP was blocking DH, they would have dropped all 5 messages. Also, most times when my DH messages are blocked as spam, I get a bounce with a 5xx error…